The Secret to Cracking Entrance Examinations: Solve Previous Years’ Papers

While you may be preparing for entrance exams by yourself without taking any coaching, it's important that you take mock tests and solve previous years’ question papers to be fully prepared for the exam. Whenever you ask a top-performing student the secret of their success, he /she will always recommend solving previous years’ papers. While reference books and other study material will give you an idea about what to prepare, solving mock tests and previous years’ papers will be your guide to gauge your preparation.

Here, we have listed a few reasons why mock tests are an absolute essential:

Builds up an Exam-Temperament

You can be all prepped for the test and well-revised. However, there are chances that you may go blank during the exam. Most students aren't able to handle the pressure. The mere sight of the question paper can send shivers down their spine and give them temporary amnesia. Mock tests are a practice session for your mind. They train your brain to handle the pressure and builds up a mindset for the exam. Continuous practice will help you to develop speed & accuracy and will also boost your confidence to deliver your best on the actual exam day.

The Best Practice before Exam

Mock tests prove to be helpful when you're done with all the revisions. Continuously revising will bore you, and there are chances that you may drift away from studies. Mock tests, on the other hand, challenge your mind and provide more practice. Mock tests help students to revise the complete syllabus in simulated Exam like conditions. You can even stumble on questions that you may have thought you know but you don't. Thus, you can get your doubts clarified at the earliest.

Helps in Time Management

While appearing for an exam, it's important to manage time. If you don't solve the paper in time, you may miss out on the important questions where you could have scored easily. This is where mock tests and previous year papers come handy. They let you analyze the amount of time needed for every question.

A source of important and new questions

Though reference books do give you an idea about the question pattern, the best place to prepare yourself is the mock tests and past papers. They are the encyclopedia of new and unique questions. Also, there you may find some questions which are repetitive every year.

Gives an idea of where you stand

Lastly, the most important reason why mock tests and past papers need to be solved is that they give you an idea of where you stand. You can realize your mistakes, where you lack preparation and where you tend to do silly mistakes. It gives you a perspective of how the questions are going to be asked in the exam and how much more you need to prepare.

A good coaching centre will ensure that you give mock tests and solve past papers. They assess you and give you the proper direction of how you need to study.

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