JEE Advanced 2023 Reward Ceremony

FIITJEE Kochi hosted a grand "Topper's Talk" at SVN by its successful students in JEE Advanced 2023.

The event proved to be a resounding success, marking another milestone in FIITJEE Kochi's journey of excellence.

The event was attended by a large number of aspirants both in online and offline medium, toppers took the stage to inspire and motivate the future aspirants.

  1. Prakhar Jain (AIR-21)

  2. Omar Muhammed(AIR-646)

  3. Abhinav I S(AIR-935)

  4. Siddharth S George(AIR-1666)

  5. Anandapadmanabh(AIR-2176)

  6. Srinidhi B(AIR-3852)

  7. Karthik Krishna (AIR- 4884)

  8. Niranjana Nithin (AIR- 8233)

  9. Lakshmi C S (AIR-6175)

  10. Akhilesh Arun Reddy (AIR-5096)

have cleared all doubts of junior aspirants. The occasion was marked by the 'Toppers' Talk,' where our accomplished students shared their insights and experiences with future IIT aspirants. It was an incredibly fruitful session that inspired and motivated aspiring young minds to aim high and achieve their IIT dreams.